The original intention does not change | People-oriented, facing the future


people oriented

Face the future

When technology becomes core competitiveness

He never forgets his original intention

Keep the mission in mind

Just to deliver better products to customers


"Any advanced technology, product and solution can only generate value when transformed into the customer's business success"

——Chen Sunyi, Chairman of Fujian Yida


The special issue of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers "Automotive Electronics Information-Salute 70th Anniversary · Portraits of Chinese Auto Parts Entrepreneurs" has a special report on our chairman Chen Sunyi.


Speaking of "Made in China 2025", I believe all those engaged in manufacturing are well aware of it. Obviously, in the process of the information age moving towards the intelligent age, intelligent manufacturing has become the general trend, and my country's dotted manufacturing enterprises have begun to transform and upgrade to intelligent manufacturing.

Chairman Chen Sunyi said that in the long road of enterprise development, opportunities and challenges coexist. Each process is an opportunity and a process of corporate transformation. The development of an enterprise will not be achieved overnight. Every process must be constantly digging people wisdom.

Technology is the core competitiveness

In the manufacturing industry, every small step of technological innovation will bring about a big step in market development and industrial development. In the digital age of rapid information circulation and transformation, the importance and urgency of cutting-edge innovation and core technology are far greater than at any stage in the past.

Since the state issued various policies to vigorously support the development of the new energy automobile industry, the new energy automobile market has maintained rapid growth, and the number of manufacturing companies entering the industry has also continued to increase. The intensified market competition and the adjustment of policy directions have made the enterprises in this industry chain full of clockwork as above, constantly opening up new ideas for technological innovation and cost control.

Fujian Yida Electric Drive Co., Ltd. was established in 1994. Since entering the field of new energy vehicles, it has been committed to the development of key technologies and products for a new generation of flat-line drive motors. At present, it has formed 5 major platform series products that can meet all levels Motor demand for commercial vehicles and logistics vehicles.

It is understood that the "hairpin flat wire motor" has many advantages such as high power density and compact structure. It is an innovative motor technology in line with the future development trend of new energy automobile motors.

Chairman Chen Sunyi said that as one of the core components of new energy vehicles, the electric drive system has an extremely important impact on the performance of new energy vehicles, especially for the power, economy, comfort, safety, and safety of new energy vehicles. Reliability and durability are important. To improve the technical level and quality of electric drives, we need to start with key technologies such as drive capability, drive efficiency, control accuracy, system stability, electromagnetic performance and working life. In addition, in terms of industrialization requirements, low cost, miniaturization and intelligence are the core of the core.

After more than ten years of hard work, Yida Electric Drive has realized the small batch production of "hairpin flat wire generator stator". At present, Yida Electric Drive has complete independent research and development and manufacturing capabilities from flat wire motor products to manufacturing processes, key equipment and automated production lines, and has completed the fourth-generation hairpin flat wire motor mass production process, key automation equipment and Production line research and development and put into production.

Deliver better products to customers

New energy vehicle motors are developing in the direction of miniaturization, light weight, and high efficiency.

In response to the national energy vehicle development strategy, Yida Electric Drive has jointly developed a new generation of flat-line drive motors with FAW Jiefang Commercial Vehicle Development and Research Institute, FAW Group New Energy Technology Research Center and other companies; and the Haixi Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences "Design and Manufacturing Laboratory" has established a strong doctoral R&D team to establish cooperation, with post-doctoral workstations to form a complete independent research and development system for drive motors; At the same time, Yida Electric Drive has invested tens of thousands of yuan to build a product experiment center and cultivate a professional testing team , The center has dozens of test items for driving motors, starters, generators and other products, and has been accredited by the "CNAS National Accreditation Committee" national laboratory.


There is only one goal in a series of measures—a handful of better products to customers.

Chairman Chen Sunyi said that taking customers as the center and truly understanding customer demand orientation is the right way for an enterprise to survive and develop. In the field of products and solutions, we must continue to innovate around customer needs. Any advanced technology, product and solution can only generate value when transformed into the customer's commercial success. Therefore, in product investment decision-making, it is necessary to insist on customer demand orientation prior to technology orientation, and to continuously innovate products and solutions on the premise of a deep understanding of customer needs, so that products and solutions will have continuous competitiveness.

People oriented

People-oriented matters must be the people-oriented, "people" is the core element of the enterprise. Nowadays, with the widespread spread of Huawei's spirit, "customer-centric, struggling-oriented, long-term hard work, continuous value creation" has been integrated into the core values of many companies, and Yida is no exception.

Chairman Chen Sunyi said, "Customer-centered, people-oriented, striver as an example, internal management marketization" is the goal pursued by Yida Electric Drive, which promotes the continuous progress of the company and forms the core value of the company. Adhering to "people-oriented" actually includes two aspects.


One is to value employees. People are the most active element in productivity. Modern management also attaches great importance to the role of people. It believes that the development of an enterprise comes not only from economic wealth, but also from human power. The management task of an enterprise is to dominate and guide this power, that is, to put an enterprise in different positions and have All employees with different personalities, hobbies and pursuits gather together to cultivate team spirit and realize common ideals.

The new era is the era of strugglers. Only those who struggle advance, only those who struggle are strong, and only those who struggle win. The charm of a successful company lies in its ability to respect, understand, and care about people to the greatest extent, and use humanized operations to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of every employee in the company, stimulate their sense of belonging, and provide continuous development for the company Vitality.

The second is to value customers. In any era, customer-centricity is the essence of business. In product research and development, we must lead product development with customer success, with quality first, function second, technology third; high-quality resources must be tilted toward high-quality customers to build strategic partnerships; in order to satisfy customers, a team close to customers is required More power.

Achieve "people-oriented", so that employees and customers have mutual feedback, such feedback will directly affect the company's benefits. Enterprises pay attention to the role of the two in development, which will generate a virtuous circle between the two and play a huge role in promoting the development of the enterprise.

The new energy automobile industry has entered a critical period of comprehensive adjustment. Affected by policies, 2019 is still in difficulty for auto parts companies. Chairman Chen Sunyi knows that the industry has entered a phase-out period, and only companies with product development capabilities and new technologies can survive. Changes are underway, and only when we get out of the predicament can we face a bright future.